Core Kits

Order one of the models I've already done, like the 8Fun or the Glass Fish, or anything else you see in the board gallery, or make a custom request and we'll see how close we can get it to your specs.

Standard Kit Prices:

Core kits for boards I've made before are considered "standard". Four examples, with prices:

6'4" and under
Fish, thrusters, etc.

An 8 foot funboard I've been really happy with.

9'4" Noserider
Well, that's what I've been calling it, and it does that, but that's not the best name for it. (This is the board in the gallery with the D fin.)

9'8" Step Deck
Little more difficult to glass, because of the step. Another reason to call it a step deck: you've really got to walk to steer this thing well.

For now, custom kit prices will be figured the same way I priced the standard kits above, so you can roughly extrapolate based on length and width.

To be clear, I'm selling core kits - the cardboard pieces to assemble the core structure. You'll need to buy all your other materials and supplies elsewhere. (From Foam E-Z, for instance, or some other supplier.)

All the build instructions are here online. Take a look at that before ordering - especially the long core assembly page, and the glassing notes page - to get a fair idea of what's involved before ordering.

To order, email me, and tell me which model you want, or the style and specs of a custom shape. Also give me some idea of how experienced you are with building surfboards or similar things. I'll either take the order, or put you on the waiting list. When I take the order, I'll invoice you through PayPal for the kit price plus shipping, and sales tax if you're in California, and start cutting the kit within a day or two of payment. I should be able to ship within four business days of taking the order.

Offer Background:

Doing a little inefficient garage core kit production right now is a way to 1.) minimally fund the project 2.) get more builders working on boards, and working out glassing or other skinning techniques and processes 3.) let me develop core variations and get them built, without my own slow building pace creating a bottleneck to core development 4.) collaborate with people on board designs.

So, taking a few orders per month should help the project along. If the waiting list gets out of hand, I'll consider switching priorities and doing some real production. Otherwise, I'll just take a trickle of orders to support development.

Board Production:

If you order and build a kit, and think you'd like to build some more boards like this for custom orders, I could probably steer orders your way. I might even order from you. If you wanted to take your own orders, we'd have to work out some way to reliably supply you with core kits. This is right on the boarder between pipe dream and possibility. You would want to build a few boards first to see if you could get reasonable quality and efficiency.